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Neo Cleansing Bar

natural face soap bar

Free shipping on orders over $100 in Canada | Free shipping on orders over $150 in US

Neo Cleansing Bar

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Enriched with natural plant oils and Vitamin E, this soap-free facial Cleansing Bar is gentle, effective, and pH-balanced. Removes makeup and purifies the skin without drying it out, leaving your face clean and deeply moisturized. 


For all skin types, including dry, sensitive, and mature skin. 


Glycerin, Castor Oil , Camelia Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Kaolin


Free shipping on orders over $100 in Canada | Free shipping on orders over $150 in US


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Neo Cleansing Bar

Purify your skin without stripping your natural oils. This soap-free facial Cleansing Bar is without the synthetic dyes, petroleum byproducts, sulfates, and palm oils still present in comparable luxury facial bars. Experience gentle yet powerful cleansing without harsh chemicals.

Key Ingredients


Castor Oil 

Camelia Oil

Vitamin E


Neo Cleansing Bar

Neo Cleansing Bar


Like all Neo Naturelle products, the makeup-removing Neo Cleansing Bar is completely hormone-friendly. With a non-alkaline pH level, it will not disrupt the natural hormonal balance of your skin. Our innovative soap-free formula is perfect for sensitive, maturing, and dry skin, delicately cleansing with a light & creamy lather and leaving your skin moisturized and impurity-free.

Why Neo Cleansing Bar?

  • Neo Naturelle

    Cleans & purifies

  • Neo Naturelle

    Moisturizes, non-drying

  • Neo Naturelle

    Soap & detergent-free

  • Neo Naturelle

    Enriched with natural oils

Camelia Seed Oil is a true wonder oil, boasting an impressive list of natural benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, Camelia Seed Oil can help soothe irritated and inflamed skin, minimize acne, and defend your skin against free radical damage. Working also as an emollient, it mimics your skin’s natural barrier and helps produce a plump, ageless, and nourished complexion. 

camelia flower camelia seed skincare oil benefits
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Pro Tips

  • + Formulated for mature, sensitive, and dry skin
  • + Follow with C-Major for afternoon glow
  • + Follow with any Neo cream for extra hydration
  • + Use day and/or night


“I love NeoNaturelle skin care. It is my life savior. I can’t live without it – literally. I couldn’t believe how much my skin changed in such a short period of time.”

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