C-Major Vitamin C serum has a potent water free formula that delivers fast results. Vitamin C is combined with niacinamide, aloe vera, vitamin E and squalene to boosts collagen production and nourish the skin. Continuous use will reduce skin discoloration and make your skin appear brighter and healthier.



As you begin the hunt for an effective product, you will find that many vitamin C products offer only a five (5%) percent serum. That is ideal for sensitive skin, but not fast results (and when your skin is not extraordinarily sensitive). Our antioxidant and anti-aging face serum has Vitamin C concentration of 23%!

C-Major Vitamin C serum has a waterless formula that provides incredible stability and prolonged Vitamin C activity. Unlike regular ascorbic acid, the type of Vitamin C we use is gentle on your skin, giving you maximum potency with no risk of irritation. The importance of water-free formulation shouldn’t be overlooked. As soon as Vitamin C is dissolved in water it begins to oxidize. The oxidation reduces the potency of vitamin C, and even makes it capable of causing skin damage.

With the benefits of niacinamide, aloe vera, vitamin E and squalene our serum boosts collagen production, softens and nourishes the skin and reduces skin discoloration. With continuous use skin appears to be brighter and healthier.


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